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Mindfulness and the Class

As contemplative practices become increasingly researched in terms of the benefits they bring to individuals, groups, and to the learning process, a growing number of teachers and educators will bring contemplative practices into their classes.

This is already happening in public schools across the country and is being found too in higher education.  The Contemplative Mind in Society is an organization that is doing much to offer information and resources to educators. 


The Mindful Classroom website offers a series of programs and services for educators.  Through the use of technology, these programs and services (e.g., The Mindful Classroom Text Service and The Mindful Classroom Curriculum Service) work together to bring the heart of mindfulness instruction and exercises into the day to day life of educators and their students.


This Month’s

Mindfulness Resource

Being Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom, by Mary Lynn Colosimo

Excerpt: ”One way that I have begun class has been to invite all students to stand in Tadasana or mountain pose . . . . Students are invited to deepen their breathing, allowing the inhalation and exhalation  to be equivalent, releasing all thoughts that come to mind without judgment.”