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The Mindful Classroom Text Service

The Institute for Mindfulness Studies offers teachers a free text service. 

One of the innovative methods developed by IMS for sharing mindfulness with educators and students is the texting of a mindfulness message or cue during the day.  Such cues can include a reminder to “breathe,” or a specific phrase associated with a mindfulness practice presently being explored by the class. 

This cue serves as a gently reminder of the opportunity found in every moment to cultivate mindfulness.

The Mindful Classroom Text Service has two components:


We will send you a text message reminder approximately once a day.

We will send your students (who sign up to receive a text message) a daily reminder.*

*We encourage you to send these texts yourself, as a part of your own mindfulness practice and to deepen your connection with your students.  But because not every teacher uses  text messaging or is able to easily coordinate the texting, we offer this as a free service to support your teaching of mindfulness to your students.

If you would like to sign up for the text service, please contact us at